Frequent Asked Questions

Sell your MacBook, iPad, iPhone, or your iMac.


Why sell with

Auctions aren’t efficient, as they take long and their results are uncertain. With us you have the opportunity to sell your device quickly and are assured a fixed price. You don’t have to register anywhere and don’t need to pay for postage or contact purchasers. You receive your money within a few days, as it will be transferred to your bank account.

What are the price ranges buys for?

Our purchase prices comply with the actual market value of the device. It is dependent on the price development of the new device, the condition, and supply and demand.

Who pays for the postage?

We’ll pay for the postage and for shipping it. You’ll receive the postage via email. This way, you only have to print out your stamp, stick it on to the packet, and submit it at the post office.

What am I going to do with the delivery note?

The delivery note is there to make sure that we can identify you. It contains important information for our staff. Please print it out and enclose it on top of your packet.

What am I going to do, if I don't have a printer?

You may stamp the packet yourself and send it in. Important: enclose a note with the order number and your personel details.

May I also bring along the packet?

Yes, you may come during our opening hours. We’ll take care of your case at the store.

When am I going to receive my money?

As soon as we receive the device and it passes the entry examination, payment will be approved and issued. Payment should normally arrive on your bank account within 48 hours.

How do I delete my selling?

If you haven’t sent in the device yet, you may contact our client service any time and delete your order.

What is going to happen with my data?

Before we take care of your device, all data storage will be completely reformatted.

Is my selling going to protect the environment?

Yes, re-using is even more sustainable than recycling. provides sensible further use of your device and gives yours a second chance.


Why buy at offers fair prices, the devices have been approved, cleaned, undergone new installation, reset, and are sold with a guarantee of 3 months.

Zu welchen Preisen verkauft die Geräte?

Our selling prices comply with the actual market value of the device. It is dependent on the price development of the new device, the condition, and supply and demand.

Who pays for the postage?

Revendo pays for shipping. Only if transportation through our bicycle courier is required, we request a fee of 8.- CHF.

Can I come and see the devices in real life?

Yes, you may come into our store at any time during our opening hours. We’re happy to help and give you advice at our shop.

How can I pay?

In our online shop we accept prepayment, Postfinance Cards, and Credit Cards. If you come of course in, you may also pay by ATM card or cash.

Is it possible to cancel a purchase?

If you have ordered a device online, but you haven’t paid for it yet, you may contact our clients service at any time and cancel the purchase for you.

When am I going to receive my device?

As soon as we’ve received your payment, or if you have ordered it on account even sooner, we’ll send the device via a-postage to your address. This means that you’ll have the packet on the following working day.

Will my purchase at bei protect the environment?

Yes, reusing is even more sustainable than any recycling method. By buying a used device, you’ll help the world to live more sustainable.

How do I get advice and professional consulting?

Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We are happy to consult you on the phone (061 500 28 28) or directly at our shop during the opening hours.

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